Softball Pitching Techniques – Playing Mind Games Along With Your Opponents By Marc-Olivier Dagenais

In 1975, Taibi Kahler, an American author, psychologist and presidential communicationsadvisor, established and developed what he called “the five human drivers” or “the big five” thatinfluence the path in our lives in several facets (personnel, education, professional, network…). They usually know once they are not understood, and discover it frustrating. Not to worry, though, there are several steps which you may take which will slow down this process of aging before it slows you down. In an age where everyone has shorter attention spans than goldfish (truly, according to Google researchers) and instant gratification may be the norm, in case a quote can’t be instantly offered, customers start looking elsewhere. They usually know when they usually are not Thinking Fast and Slow understood, in order to find it frustrating.

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